OUR CONDUCTOR:     OTTILIA HORÁNYI The   founder   conductor   and   art   director   of   our   choir,   Ottilia   Horányi,   has   been   a   central figure   of   the   music   scene   in   Székesfehérvár.   She   graduated   from   the   Academy   of   Music   as Zoltán   Vásárhelyi’s   student   and   got   her   degree   in   singing   teaching   and   choir   conducting. After   finishing   her   studies,   she   taught   first   at   the   Primary   School   of   Music   and   Singing, then   at   Vasvári   Pál   Secondary   Grammar   School.   Later,   she   worked   as   a   teacher,   as   well   as the   conductor   of   the   school’s   mixed   choir,   at   Hermann   László   Music   School   and   Vocational School of Music. She has been awarded several times for her work:
In 1980 she got Székesfehérvárért Medal (Medal for Székesfehérvár).      
In 1981 she got Kiváló Pedagógus Award (the Excellent Pedagogue Award).     
Since 1983 she has been member of the Magyar Kodály Társaság                 (Hungarian Kodály Society).   
In 2002 she was given Székesfehérvárért Prize (Prize For Székesfehérvár).   
In 2004 she got Fricsay Richard Prize (Fricsay Richard Award).     
In 2012 she was awarded the Pro Civitae Medallion                  by the local government of Székesfehérvár.
In 1978 she got Szocialista Kultúráért Award. (Award for Socialist Culture).      
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